Thank you for your interest in Lucky Chops! One of Lucky Chops’ favorite activities is visiting schools across the globe and holding masterclasses. They have been some of the most rewarding experiences not only for the students, but for the 5 band members as well

A masterclass with Lucky Chops generally runs between 60 to 90 minutes and consists of performance, lecture, a question & answer period, and as well time for the students to meet the members of the band at the end and have a personal dialogue. For information on pricing please fill out the form below. We understand that certain schools may not be able to afford the full fee, and we are open to discussing options if circumstances truly call for it.

Please note that the band’s tour bus will not be able to accommodate the visit, so safe transportation to/ from the venue will need to be provided by your end. As well, if you are a student, please make sure to have a faculty member fill out the form and contact us, as we will be unable to accommodate any requests from anyone other than those in an official capacity.

Lucky Chops take extreme pride in being able to educate and inspire younger generations of musicians, and we genuinely appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!